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Jail Break: Christmas Edition

Limited Time Only! The town’s favorite Granny has been the victim of a hit & run! While she recovers in the local hospital, the Sheriff has arrested the wrong culprits. You and your friends must break out of your cells to find the real culprit before it’s too late and you miss Christmas!

Players: 2-8
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Escape Rate: 33%

Caravan of Thieves

It was supposed to be a fun night at the circus but when you and your friends arrive, you discover the Ringmaster’s wife has been cursed and it’s up to you to save her. You will have just one hour to search the fortune teller’s wagon and find the Elixer of Life to save her.

Players: 2-6
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Escape Rate: 37%

Operation Night Light

It seems a greedy scientist has developed a weapon to disable the North American power grid and it’s up to you and your team of agents to break into his remote cabin to secure the hard drive before it’s too late. Do you have what it takes to save America or will it be lights out?

Players: 2-8
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Escape Rate: 27%

Project: Red

You’ve unwittingly become a participant in a secret government experiment devised during the Red Scare of the early 1950’s. While it looks bleak, Dr. Eugene Powell has had an attack of conscience and left behind what you need – can you discover it before time runs out?

Players: 2-8
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Escape Rate: 57%

What They’re Saying

Such a fun experience! The staff was amazingly friendly, and the challenge was awesome. We will definitely be going back!


Love it! They do a great job and are always friendly! I have done 3 different rooms/scenarios so far, and they have all been a blast -- win or lose!


Our family loves Escape Cedar Valley! The staff are fantastic. We enjoy the challenges and the unique environment, and we plan on coming back soon!


Do you have what it takes to escape?

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